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Registration notice

ATTN CIMA delegates

 in order to start the registration process for the following competition : 1st Fai World Paramotor Slalom Championship, the French Microlight and Paramotor Federation (FFPLUM the organiser), would like to identify the right person in your country who will have the autority to make the registration.

 GS 3.10 ENTRIES.  Entry applications to a First Category Sporting Event shall be made only through the NAC of which the applicant holds a Sporting Licence or, in the case of an FAI applicant_(GS 3.2.1)_, through the FAI.

 Please be kind enough to give us the name and mail contact adress of the duly authorised person acting on behalf of your NAC for the purpose of this registration. There will be only one person per country.

 Once identified, the NAC contact will received information about the registration

My best regards

Patrice Girardin

French CIMA delegate

1FAIWPSC executive manager

Added by Patrice GIRARDIN Last edited by Richard Meredith-Hardy on 30 Sep, 2013 09:14. Quick links: or Registration notice
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