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CIMA Paramotor Precision WG Blog

This working group was discontinued as a result of a vote at the 2011 CIMA Plenary

Previous members of this working group

  • Roy BEISSWENGER (USA) Chairman
  • Ramón MORILLAS (ESP, co-opted)


Last changed 24 Nov, 2018 19:04 by Richard Meredith-Hardy

The 2010 CIMA Plenary is now over.

Thankyou to all delegates who attended.

The [CIMA Bureau] remains the same as 2010 but with the addition of Patrice Girardin (FRA) as Treasurer.

The Plenary debated many issues, all contained in the 2010 Plenary section. One of the greatest successes of the last year has been this wiki. The Plenary agreed it has revolutionized the way CIMA works and now Delegates are becoming more familiar with it, …

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Posted at 15 Nov, 2010 by Richard Meredith-Hardy | 0 comments
Last changed 20 May, 2015 12:36 by Wolfgang Lintl

After the EPC-organizer Adi Busan has resignd, CIMA bureau are not confident, that there will be a sufficient competition for Paramotor in Romania this year.

While sticking to the rules we send the mail below to the NAC and set a deadline of 28 days. Via cima-com and cima-info  list the bureau will inform the community about the developement. …

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Posted at 20 May, 2015 by Wolfgang Lintl | 0 comments
Last changed 12 Apr, 2010 10:48 by Richard Meredith-Hardy

Most CIMA delegates were loaded as users into the wiki yesterday, 11 April 2010.


I say 'most' because there are a few delegates we either we do not have their email address, or the one we have is invalid. They are listed on the Lost delegates page, perhaps you could have a look, and if this is you, or you know the correct address for someone, please tell …

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Posted at 12 Apr, 2010 by Richard Meredith-Hardy | 0 comments

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Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File Precision_Championships.pdf 164 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 04 Apr, 2010 19:41 The proposed rules prepared by Roy Beisswenger presented to the 2009 plenary.
PDF File Paramotor Racing Series - Draft.pdf 216 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 16 Apr, 2010 05:45 Draft set of rules and tasks presented to the 2009 CIMA plenary by the Spanish
PDF File Paramotor Precision WG 2010 Report.... 42 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 10 Nov, 2010 18:51 Paramotor Precision WG report 2010

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