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2016 WMPC Popham

15th FAI World Microlight Championships and 9th FAI World Paramotor Championships

Popham, UK, 15 - 27 August 2016

Classes in competition:
Microlights: WL1, WL2, AL1, AL2, GL1, GL2
Paramotors: PF1, PL1, PF2, PL2, PF1f

Official website:

Group mailing list TBA

Championship Officers

Event Director Rob HUGHES
Deputy Event Director Barney TOWNSEND
Competition Directors Rob GRIMWOOD (Microlight) and Mike CHILVERS (Paramotor)
Chief Marshalls Chris SAYSELL (Microlight) and Clive BUNCE (Paramotor)
Chief scorers John WAITE (Microlight) and Colin BAKER (Paramotors)
Monitor Natalia PASKA (POL)
International Jury Wolfgang LINTL President
Stewards Jose Luis ESTEBAN (ESP)
Natalia PASKA (POL)


Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File WMC-PC 2016 BT 4-11-15.pdf 13.79 MB Barney Townsend 06 Nov, 2015 17:47 Presentation bid made to plenary 06-11-2015 - NOTE: the competition site has since changed
PDF File WMPC 2016 PARAMOTOR TASK CATALOGUE.... 601 kB Barney Townsend 02 Mar, 2016 17:04 Final version - amended to reflect new site
PDF File WMPC 2016 MICROLIGHT TASK CATALOGUE... 410 kB Barney Townsend 02 Mar, 2016 17:10 Final version - amended to reflect new site
PDF File WMPC 2016 PRESS RELEASE.pdf 123 kB Barney Townsend 17 Mar, 2016 22:27 Press release for publication
PDF File WMPC 2016 LOCAL REGULATIONS.pdf 621 kB Barney Townsend 14 Jun, 2016 07:08 Version June 2016. Amended to update entry fee
PDF File WMPC 2016 PARAMOTOR TASK CATALOGUE ... 456 kB Barney Townsend 03 Aug, 2016 18:11 Slight amendments to task 2.2 and 4.8 (highlighted yellow) for better clarification
Microsoft Word 97 Document Monitor Raport WMC and WPC 2016.doc 25 kB Wolfgang Lintl 08 Aug, 2016 15:45 Report of CIMA monitor Natalia Paska

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