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Original server started 7 March 2010, this server started 12 Aug 2019

Recently Updated
19 Aug
Championships - Future
Championships - Past
2018 WPSC Fayoum
Summary of officials
05 Aug
Re: 2020 WPC Linhares
Hello Ricardo, We just got the latest bulletin and have some questions: When can we see the Task Catalogue? There is ...
01 Aug
2020 WPC Linhares
11 Mar, 2019
01 Addition of definitions
22 Jan, 2019
File BID_Brazil_2020.pdf
22 Jan, 2019
File BID_Brazil_2020.pdf
08 Jan, 2019
Re: 01 Addition of definitions
Very good idea Richard. Thank you for doing such things :)
09 Dec, 2018
02 Dec, 2018
Original proposal to CIMA
28 Nov, 2018
Plenary 2018
File 20181119_102842.jpg
File Bidding 2019 paramotor (1).pptx
File CIMA plenary 2018_3.jpg
28 Nov, 2018
File CIMA finances 2018.pdf
25 Nov, 2018
Lost delegates
24 Nov, 2018
Who is who
24 Nov, 2018
File WLC-Report-2018.pdf
24 Nov, 2018
Plenary location
CIMA Plenary 2010
2010 Activity Report
CIMA Wiki Home
CIMA World League Cup
CIMA microlight subcommittee
2010 documents & reports
CIMA WAG microlights subcommittee
2011 documents & reports

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