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Original server started 7 March 2010, this server started 12 Aug 2019

Recently Updated
25 minutes ago
Re: 06 - New Microlight Precision Task - Circle
The commentary of a competition pilot: I agree. It needs good airmanship to execute it properly  independent of the typ...
about 5 hours ago
File WPSC 2020 TC.pdf
yesterday at 17:49
File CZ_WPSC 2020_task catalogue.rar
File CZ_WPSC 2020_presentation.pptx
yesterday at 16:44
Re: 02 - Removal of tasks from the microlight task catalogue
One of the German competitors wrote:I do not agree. Economy tasks are an essential type of evaluation for the fittness o...
One of our German competitors wrote:" maximum limit of 4 hours airtime per pilot..." I do not agree. There are rea...
Re: 09 - Ordered Scoring for Paramotors (POL)
One of my German competitor wrote:I do not agree. Ordered scoring is a penalty based system that averages the field to t...
File Documento senza titolo.docx
File Delegate report CZE 2019.pdf
File Delegate report template-Japan2019.docx

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